Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Laziness...

  It has been a week or more of not doing much of anything. And as lazy as I have been, my girls have been even worse. I think some sloth-like behavior is OK for awhile, but the time comes when you have to get out of the house. 

A blogger I love to read, Heidi at Castro HAPPYnings, wrote about the traveling Library of Congress. I decided it was exactly what we needed.

 It wasn't a huge collection, but it was interesting. Noodle's favorite part was the information on films. She has just started using my little video camera to shoot her own movies.
  After the museum, we had lunch at Eskimo Joe's. I noticed they had a webcam right on us, so I texted man of the house and told him to look us up. He could see us eating lunch. We are such dorks!


Lyndsey said...

That's so funny...I like dorks, hehe! Our last day for the staff is today, then I will get to be lazy too. I'm trying to get my daughter to start a blog. I posted a link on my Tiny skillet blog to yours...thanks for the GR video we all had fun watching it.

Have a great summer, I'll be stopping in often and we can swap ideas :D

The Castro Family said...

Yay! Glad you made it! We love the EJ's webcam - we always tell my mom (in cali) to check us out stuffing our faces with cheesy fried goodness ;)

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you, a bit of laziness is nice especially if it has been a stressful year, but then time to go out and see what is there around you! That looked cool to see!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I would so totally do something dorky like that. How fun!

Intense Guy said...

I geek like me things even that picture of the truck looks really cool!!

I want to see you on the webcam next time! LOL!