Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another trip to the doctor, or how RA makes illness even more fun!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I really appreciated every single one. 

I'm on a biologic for my rheumatoid arthritis and the purpose of it is to drastically lower my immune system so it does not attack me and my joints. 

Side effects mean I can easily get sick and if I get sick that means I could get complications.

So, Monday I went back to work. I eased on in and rested a lot. All went well. Tuesday I felt even better, except for a slight feeling I might be getting a UTI. Wednesday was fine, and then Thursday the pain, burning, and backache started. The doctor could get me in Friday morning and my test was positive. Antibiotic = one week. 

Today I feel better than I have in a few weeks. Before I got that monster virus, I was feeling tired and run down. I was so achy that I thought my RA symptoms were coming back. 

I'm on a biologic-holiday for a few weeks to rebound. I hope the symptoms don't return. I hope I'm one of those lucky few that experience full remission without medication. I know it's a long shot, but I'll bet on it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back among the living...

Tuesday I felt tired and I'd been achy. I wrote it off to lack of sleep and low-level worry about the earthquakes and aftershocks.

Tuesday evening I made dinner and about halfway through decided I needed to go to bed. I gathered my water, phone, and grabbed the thermometer. My normal temp is between 96.7 and 97.4. My temp was 99 something, and I thought no wonder I didn't feel well. By 9:00 p.m. I knew I was really sick as my temp creeped to 101. Over night it hit 101.9 and I felt horrible. 

Wednesday morning I called in because my absence hadn't been filled at school, but our awesome admin assistance assured me she'd get it done and I knew she would. When I got up that morning I felt ok, but not well. I gathered all my grading I'd brought home Tuesday and some Christmas cookbooks, thinking I'd get a few things accomplished. It didn't happen. At this point I was sure it was a 24 hour thing and I'd be fine on Thursday.

I spent Wednesday shaking and moaning under two goose down comforters. Tylenol would bring the fever to just under 100 and I'd feel a bit better; enough to get in the shower or grab some food. Then it was back to bed to shake, moan, and fitfully sleep. I also called my RA doctor, because my first concern was infection and should I be seen. They just said don't take my biologic until I'm symptom free.

Over night Wednesday was the worst. Moth was sleeping in the living room so he would not disturb me. I took my temp, 102.8, and crawled out of bed for water and Tylenol. I could barely get down the hall and Moth found me. He got me water and I felt like I was going to throw up. In the bathroom I could not move. I can't explain how I felt. I mean there was nausea, but you know it wasn't like stomach virus, and I did not have a cough, sinus issues, sore throat...nothing. I just felt unbelievably bad. Moth made me get in the shower to bring down my temp. I felt like he was trying to torture me. I really did. I just wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor.

The shower helped because by morning(Thursday) the fever broke for the first time. I started a cycle of fever, breaking, fever, breaking... I switched to Advil and it worked much better. Moth took me to the doctor and she ruled out flu, but was most concerned about the compromised immune system. She looked me over thoroughly and gave me a doctor's note for Friday and Monday (If I was not fever free x 24 hours by then.)

So Friday was more of the same and I could not tell if I was getting better or not. I woke this morning and realized I had slept all night through. That never happens, even when I am well. My temp was 100 and I took Advil. It's early afternoon and my temp has remained normal and I am blogging, working on my grade book, reading, helping Moth with laundry, and I made a pan of mac and cheese. I think I am finally getting better. 

I have to say, I don't remember ever feeling so sick, for so long. Fever for me is very rare and I wasn't prepared for how debilitating it would be for me. Moth was amazing! He took the girls to school, delivered lesson plans, took the girls to the dentist, made meals, catered to my needs, and was generally wonderful. Well, all except for the part about the torture. 

If you've read this far, I commend you. I think I just needed to get this all down in one place. Thank you for "listening".

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rock and roll...

In the past 36 hours, Oklahoma has been experiencing an earthquake swarm. Very early Saturday morning a 4.7 woke up Moth (man of the house) and older daughter. I had just woken up when suddenly Moth came running into the bedroom all excited about what he had just experienced. I think the earthquake woke me, but I don't remember feeling it.

Last night, at 10:57, the 5.8 hit and that I felt! I was in bed, on the computer when it started. I jumped out of bed and Moth and I got the girls in the hallway and under a door frame. I have learned since that we need to be under a table. Hopefully I won't have to get under anything because I have experienced enough of the ground undulating under my feet!

In the past two years we have had flooding, blizzards, an ice storm, record tornadoes, serious drought, and record high temperatures. I think we are pretty safe from tsunamis, but there is an extinct volcano in New Mexico and a caldera in Colorado. So, what's next?