Monday, March 19, 2012

That day is not today...

This is a pretty popular poster on Pinterest these days. Every time I see it, I am reminded how I will probably never run again. I might be able to walk a 5k or even jog just a little. But run a marathon, a mile, a 50m dash? Probably never. RA has taken that option away.

I saw my doctor last week and we decided the cimzia was not working. We decided to make another go at MTX and see if the elevated liver numbers last time were just an anomaly. While I was waiting for her to come back with my scripts I decided that my fight needed to go into high gear. I needed to make a decision about how hard I would fight. This disease keeps taking away and someday I may have to give in, but that day is not today. 

There might be a day when I can no longer walk without help, but that day is not today.

There might be a day when I cannot walk on my treadmill, but that day is not today.

There might be a day when I cannot work my muscles until they are sore, but that day is not today.

I joined the Y, I got a personal trainer named Tracy, and I kicked it into high gear. 

I'm not training for a marathon. I'm training for movement, flexibility, and strength. I know there will be days when the pain is too much, the inflammation burning like wild fire, and my energy nonexistent, but  that day is not today.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

So, just who has she been smooching?

Noodle swears she hasn't kissed anyone but us, the dogs,  and Mr. Dumbles.

About a week and a half ago Noodle got tired. She got more tired than she ever has been. She got dizzy, and she had headache after headache. She spent a day at daddy's office, sleeping on the couch. I stayed home a day and took her to the doctor. She was negative after a rapid mono test. The doctor suspected a virus and told us to come back if it hung on. 

After about four days of rest she perked up so I took her to school on Monday and despite being really tired, she did alright. On Tuesday she crashed at school. On Wednesday I took her back to the doctor and they drew blood. By this time I was worried. But yesterday we found out it is mono and I could breathe again. Mono, we can deal with. The doctor strongly suggested at least two weeks of rest and then ease back into school. So I'm taking the next two weeks off and then we will be on Spring Break. 

Hmmmm..... I wonder who he's been smooching?