Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Artist's Summer...

Older daughter has had a busy summer, not all of it good. Poor girl has had some toe issues and is recovering from minor surgery on her big toe.  She'll be good to go for the start of school next month.

She completed and passed Driver's Ed. With some more practice, she might get licensed this spring. She did get her permit,

and that meant going to Stillwater

which means a stop at Eskimo Joe's. Yum!

For the last few weeks I have been taking her to Edmond for art classes. She likes it, even though all the other students are adults. She hasn't learned anything that she already knows, but is enjoying the time to just paint and be with other artists. 

Her talent and knowledge still delights me. 

Who knew this 

would eventually be this?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The other shoe...

Since March, I meet with a trainer twice a week. 

Since June, I walk/run with Couch-2-5-K two to three times a week. 

I'm feeling stronger and healthier. Methotrexate takes one, sometimes two, days from me because of side effects, but it gives me five to six days of movement and every day is relatively pain free. 

But, every day I workout I know it might be the last. My new med regime won't always work. 

The other shoe dangles just over my head, waiting to drop.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cute Little Lemon, Coconut Cakes for a Girls' Lunch

Or how I worked so hard on this little treat and forgot to give it to my friends.

I had some gals over for a lunch yesterday and we had a really nice visit. We lunched on sandwiches, salad, and spent some time in the pool. I make these little cakes to send home with them, but forgot about them until the last guest left, so she got her cake. 

Oh well, next time I will do better. 

I did want to share how I put these together. Of course my inspiration was from Pinterest, where all good ideas come from these days.

The first thing I did was cover these plastic soup spoons. You can use forks, but I loved the roundness of these spoons. Like I said, I was inspired by Pinterest, but all the cake tutorials I found had spoons or forks tied to the jar, but they were not covered. Since I planned to send the cakes home, I felt it best to cover them. 

I used these snack size bags to cover the spoons.

I cut them in half.

Then I cut the Ziploc part off.  I simply put them over the spoons and secured them with a twist tie.

You'll need four of these sweet little jars. You can use any jar, but I loved these ones. 

Cut a lemon in half. You'll need very little. I used the other half in a dressing for the salad I made for lunch.

Other things you will need: Homemade or canned frosting. Coconut, the frozen kind is so much better than what you will find on the shelf. You'll need a pound cake. I bought the family size.

Cut the cake about the diameter of the jar.

Then slice it fairly thin.

Use a lid to cut a round of cake. Sorry for the blurry pic! This tutorial stuff is harder than it looks!

Place the cake in the bottom of your sweet little jar.

Because the opening of the jar is smaller than the bottom, you'll need to scootchy the cake in. If it breaks apart a bit, that is ok, you can moosh it together.

Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the cake. I did not use a lot, just enough to give the cake a hint of lemon. If you're a boozer, you could actually use some type of liquor to give it a different flavor.

Break out the frosting and pipe or spread a layer on top of the cake.

 For the top layer, you need to cut the cake into quarters.

 When you quarter a slice for the top layer, trim one side like this.

Shimmy the pieces in

By this time the kids are bothering you for cake. They will ask you if you're making some for them and you will tell them, over and over, "No, these are for my girlfriends!" 

You'll have lots of scraps. Feed them to your children for breakfast. I might have done that. 

Your children will sob that you are a mean mommy because you are not making little cakes for them, but they will take their cake scraps and leave you alone to finish.

Also, I may or may not have frosted some for my own breakfast.

Squeeze a bit more lemon juice on the top layer and then frost.

Sprinkle with coconut and garnish with a little wedge of lemon.

Use a cutie bug font to label the jar. Tie the spoon to the jar and even though your children are mad at you, have them help you hold the raffia while you tie the knots.

Finally, forget to give the cakes to your friends after the lunch and give them to your children for dessert after dinner. Convince yourself they are not smirking as they eat the cakes.