Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The other shoe...

Since March, I meet with a trainer twice a week. 

Since June, I walk/run with Couch-2-5-K two to three times a week. 

I'm feeling stronger and healthier. Methotrexate takes one, sometimes two, days from me because of side effects, but it gives me five to six days of movement and every day is relatively pain free. 

But, every day I workout I know it might be the last. My new med regime won't always work. 

The other shoe dangles just over my head, waiting to drop.  


The Lady in Pred said...

Joan, I'm so glad mtx is working for you and that you can work out! Getting stronger will help you no matter what :) But I so know that feeling. I was trying to explain it to someone last week and they dismissed me--I walk around with an axe over my head. Because at some point this great feeling is bound to end. Mtx never gave out on me--I just eventually couldn't take it anymore b/c of a reaction. I pray the other shoe never falls for you! Enjoy this Oklahoma summer! Sherry

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Run, Joan, Run!! I'm glad you got that.

farmlady said...

Methotrexate was one of my chemo drugs too, many years ago. The only side affect that I remember was that I was seeing the world in technicolor. Everything was brighter and more colorful. I was seeing patterns on the ceiling at night. When I told the doctor, he said, "Well, the fun is over. I'm going to have to reduce the Methotrexate dosage. It was a "trip" while it lasted.
You are one brave girl.
Take care and stay positive.