Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lies becoming truths...

I stopped telling myself I would blog more often because I could see right through me. ;)

But the other lies, from my last post, well, they are becoming truths.

My new medicine is working.

I booked the trip, went, and had a wonderful time!

I ran today, and yesterday, and last week. (Granted, I'm slow, but steady.)

My dogs get walked more regularly too.

I'm better than fine, it really isn't that bad (right now), and I will never, ever let it get me down... EVER!

My last flare, short and not bad at all, was in May. Since then I have been teetering so close to normal I can feel it. Like everything with my RA, the changes are gradual and subtle. The realization that the stiffness in the morning is gone comes to me in the doctor's office when she asks about it. I think and try to remember when it left. But I can't recall.

Looking back over the past two months I see the prominent position that RA plays is my life slipping away and something else has taken over. Something like "life"? I think so. I definitely think it is so.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lies I tell myself...

* I'll blog more often.

* This new medicine will work.

* Sure, book that trip! I'll feel better in May.

* I will run today.

* I will walk the dogs today.

Lies I tell everyone else...

* I'm fine.

* It's not that bad.

* It doesn't get me down!

The truth? I lie to myself and to you every single day. I have to. If I didn't, then I would curl up in a fetal position in my bed and never get up. 

I tell myself every day that it won't hurt as much, and most of the time I am wrong. But I tell myself again the next day, and the next. 

I ignore the pain, the stiffness, and the fatigue, because if I didn't then I could not work, create, or dream. 

I ignore my hands and use them and push them and curse them.

I lie to everyone. I lie, lie, lie... And because I do, I am living and hoping and laughing and crying and believing that tomorrow might be different. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Snow Envy

The East is socked in and I am jealous. 

We had a blizzard a few years ago and I loved the brutal quiet and cold. 

I loved watching dogs cavort and try to clear two foot drifts with their stubby legs. 

I loved how it slowed everything down and doing nothing but watching snow, making soup, and curling up with cats was completely acceptable and anything else was frowned upon. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year = New Commitment

I've been a terrible blogger this past year. Granted, the year pretty much sucked, but that is no excuse. You would have loved to have read all about the suckage, yes? Doubt it. 

So, a bit of a recap in photos and then a commitment to better blogging for 2013!

Mr. Dumbles started off the year by adopting this Christmas basket and making it is own space. We have left the basket out all year.

 Noodle spent most of the winter and all of the spring battling mono. She was one sick puppy!

The school year of 2011-2012 ended (my first at the Junior High) and I was ready for summer. It was a difficult year for so many reasons, but I was determined to hang in there and give it one more year.

Ah, sweet summer!

San Antonio trip and a summer party!

Noodle got Braces!!!

Back to school for the 2012 - 2013 year! The kids this year are soooo sweet!

I know, awful thing to spring on you, but I broke my toe in August, just after school started. Through the summer I had been running and training for a 5k. Then I tripped, in my bathroom, and it all came to a screeching halt. I haven't been able to run since. My RA seems to have been able to scout out the vulnerable toe and settle there once it healed. 

Older daughter has to have a theme for her art portfolio this year. She's chosen her incredible steampunk/mechanical pets.

I taught the novel "Anne Frank:Diary of a Young Girl" for the first time this year. It was powerful. I learned so much from my kids and we learned a lot from the book and each other. 

The last week of school before the break was surreal and sad because of the tragedy of Sandy Hook. My kids made cards and I mailed the to Connecticut. 

Not to be ever left out, Chloe and Zoe were festive and merry throughout the holidays.

Since October, my RA has been relentless. Some days are ok, others are hard, really hard. I think this month my doctor and I will look at other options. 

As I said, I am committing to being a more consistant blogger.  I hope you stick with me through this next year.