Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lies becoming truths...

I stopped telling myself I would blog more often because I could see right through me. ;)

But the other lies, from my last post, well, they are becoming truths.

My new medicine is working.

I booked the trip, went, and had a wonderful time!

I ran today, and yesterday, and last week. (Granted, I'm slow, but steady.)

My dogs get walked more regularly too.

I'm better than fine, it really isn't that bad (right now), and I will never, ever let it get me down... EVER!

My last flare, short and not bad at all, was in May. Since then I have been teetering so close to normal I can feel it. Like everything with my RA, the changes are gradual and subtle. The realization that the stiffness in the morning is gone comes to me in the doctor's office when she asks about it. I think and try to remember when it left. But I can't recall.

Looking back over the past two months I see the prominent position that RA plays is my life slipping away and something else has taken over. Something like "life"? I think so. I definitely think it is so.


Erika said...

Wonderful! Love it! All good things to you, sweet Joan. <3

The Castro Family said...

This is the best news EVER!! Brings tears of joy to my eyes to think of it! Keeping you in my prayers of thanksgiving!