Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall of 2015... Finally!

I'm enjoying my last day of Fall break by doing laundry, organizing my desk, watching dogs sleep, and not feeling bad at all about going into work. My classroom can wait while I take back my life.

I've been sick nearly the entire month and I'm  still waiting for my voice to come back. Maybe it never will. Maybe I will sound a bit like Demi Moore for the rest of my life. Worse things have happened.

During the worst of this illness (two infections and several antibiotics) I came to a decision. I need a retreat; figuratively and literally. This is the second year that I was not able to attend Quartz Mountain Fall Art Institute and I feel the void. I am not sure how to fill it just yet, but I am working on it. 

Also, social media is unsatisfying and unrealistic for my life. I shaved down my Facebook "friend" list to mainly just old friends, true friends, and family. When I post, only I can see it so it becomes a timeline for me to look back on. 

I've decided blogging here is best for me. I doubt I'll blog again on my teacher page and will probably deactivate it. I won't try to generate traffic here, because I really don't care if anyone, except my family, reads it or not.
Fall is trying to nudge its way into Oklahoma, but we are still experiencing 80+ degree days. It's coming though, I feel it. 

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